Founded by producer Ford Lytle Gilmore in 2002, Illuminati Entertainment is a visionary creative entity. The primary focus is that of a management and production company—focusing on clients with backgrounds in comic books and video games—that sells creator-owned concepts for film and television. The company also has an emphasis on providing creative services for the toy and video game industries, producing everything from basic character and conceptual designs for single projects to the development of entire worlds, product lines and franchises.

Illuminati Entertainment grew out of the convergence of comics, games, film and television, and represents creators behind some of the best-selling and most original intellectual properties on the market. What makes the company so unique is its ability to create, produce, and launch new entertainment brands, and then segue them into other media.

Collectively, Illuminati’s writers and artists have worked for every major comic book publisher and a myriad of game and toy companies, including: Mattel, Electronic Arts, Hasbro, Sony Computer Entertainment, Activision and Toy Biz; working on franchises including Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Superman, Star Wars, James Bond, X-Men, G.I.Joe, Everquest, Wolverine, Transfomers, Batman, Jurassic Park, Wonder Woman and Jumanji.

Illuminati President and founder Ford Lytle Gilmore is a film and television producer who has been working in the industry since the early Nineties. He has sold and/or produced countless films and TV shows based on comic books, video games, and other licensed media. While under a first-look producing deal with Goodman/Rosen Productions, Gilmore set-up projects including television series based on Image Comics’ Cryptopia and Noble Causes, a feature based on the best-selling horror/western game “Deadlands,” and projects based on the video game franchises “Crazy Taxi” and “Perfect Dark.” He garnered the first-look deal after delivering video games such as Atari’s “Area 51” to the company, which they promptly set up at New Line Cinema with producer Steve Tisch. In addition to his successful track record as a producer and development executive, Gilmore has been writing comic books professionally since high school; his most recent credit is the best-selling re-launch of the 80’s cartoon franchise The Thundercats at DC Comics' WildStorm imprint.

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