Michael Wm. Kaluta is one of the most influential artists of the last 30 years. Arguably best known for his revival of Conde-Naste’s iconic hero The Shadow , Kaluta has created a impressive array of covers for every major comics company since the early 1970s. In the mid-70s, he joined with artists Jeffrey Jones, Berni Wrightson, and Barry Windsor-Smith for form the legendary collective known as The Studio. While there, Kaluta continued to branch out from comic book work and painted numerous book covers and posters—including a lengthy run on Conan —and also began illustrating Starstruck , written by playwright Elaine Lee. His manifold accomplishments are too numerous to run down in a single paragraph, but some of the highlights include


  • Decades of production and character design, style visualizations, and concept artwork at studios such as Disney, Universal, and Warner Brothers on projects including The Shadow , Darkman , Superman , and Osmosis Jones
  • Similar television work including The Flash , The Human Target , and reinterpreting all of the classic Universal monsters for an animated project
  • Character, environment, and prop design for video games from the likes of Sega and Sony, among countless others
  • Album covers and t-shirts for the likes of Glenn Danzig and Black Sabbath
  • Innumerable television and print advertising campaigns
  • A painted JRR Tolkien/ Lord of the Rings calendar









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