Phil Noto started as an animator with Disney, working on a myriad of feature films, including “Lion King ,” "Pocahontas,” “Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “Mulan,” “Tarzan” and “Lilo & Stitch.”  After a decade with Disney, he began pursuing work in comics and holds an impressive list of credits--every one of which has been set-up as a motion picture or television series.  He is the regular cover artist for DC Comics' Birds of Prey, he was the artist of Black Bull’s Beautiful Killer (which was recently set-up at Universal with Jessica Alba starring), and he is currently working on the new Danger Girl: Hawaiian Punch (and Danger Girl is in development as a series at UPN).  Noto is a graduate of the prestigious Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. Visit for more about Phil and his work.









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